Tinctures are oils that you place under your tongue. They come in a variety of strengths (250mg, 500mg, 750mg, 1000mg, 1500mg, etc.). The strength is the total number of mg in the entire bottlenot per serving.

All tinctures are not alike, even if they have the same strength.

  • Some are standard oils, some nano emulsions, and some are hydro-philic (water-friendly).
  • Some tinctures are clear and have little taste, others are thick and gooey with a strong hemp smell and taste.

The thickness and flavor are a personal preference. The type of oil (standard, nano, or hydro-philic) are much more important because that determines how well it can penetrate your mucus barrier and the possible absorption into your system.

Standard Oils – They are the usual starting point for most people and can be high quality oils. If the bottle doesn’t specifically mention it being nano or hydro-philic, then it is a standard oil. You can expect a penetration and absorption rate between 10% and 30%. This means, if you take a 10mg dose, you are only getting between 1mg-3mg actually into your system.

Nano Emulsions – This technology is evolving – some companies have figured out how to split the molecule and maintain its integrity and consistency. Some have not. The nano-size molecules assist with the penetration and absorption because of their microscopic size. You can expect a penetration and absorption rate between 70% and 99%. The important thing is to find a high quality nano product so each dose is consistent and complete.

Hydro-Philic Oils – This is the latest technology with tinctures. Scientists have discovered a way to remove the outer “shell” of the oil molecule (the part that makes it difficult to penetrate the mucus barrier), yet maintain the integrity and components within the molecule. Without this shell, the molecule takes in additional oxygen which links the elements to each other and makes them attractive to water. Thus, when this tincture is placed under the tongue against the mucus barrier, it is welcomed and ushered in. Since the oxygen has linked all the elements, they charge in together. You can expect a penetration and absorption rate between 80% to 100%.

Balance By Hemp has researched all types of tinctures from many different companies. We bring to you some tinctures from each type of oil in various strengths. All of the tinctures we recommend are high quality, have been 3rd party tested, and are products we have tried ourselves. If we wouldn’t use it personally, we would not sell it!

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