We are our own best customers, and we’re experts in our products — ask us anything. If we don’t already know the answer, we’ll find it!

Hollie Rose-Galli

Hollie is formally educated in Psychoneuroimmunology and has long appreciated natural ways to encourage and support health and wellness. She was first introduced to hemp products when working through injuries from a car accident. Her primary goal was to just get a good night’s sleep. That was achieved along with an amazing anti-inflammatory response that has resulted in not having back surgery. Hollie was hooked and the research on cannabinoids began.

Tim Galli

Tim was a Tennis Pro for years and keeping his body working has been a key to success at his job. His degree is in Physical Education & Health and he has experienced (personally and with those he coaches) all kinds of injuries. Tim witnessed hemp have a positive affect on his wife and gave it a try himself. He experienced a transformation on his own body, in different ways. Tim’s nickname is “Mr. Research” and he lived up to it! If there was an article, journal, or study, he read it… and passed it on to Hollie (and vice-versa).

Because of our personal experiences and watching countless others find their own success through hemp products, we launched Balance By Hemp. We are not a head-shop, an MLM, or just another small business selling CBD. We are educators, coaches, and will be your personal cheerleaders during your journey. Our commitment does not end with a sale… that’s the beginning.

Our goal is three-fold:

  • Educate our clients on the Endocannabinoid System, how it works within their bodies, and what it means to be in balance.
  • Communicate the benefits of hemp products, specifically cannabinoids, and how they work with the body to achieve balance.
  • Assist our clients in finding the right hemp products for their concerns & lifestyle, determine the right dosage, and make adjustments as needed.

Our commitment to your success and wellness is our primary concern. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

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